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new heh branding

The House of European History unveils fresh branding

The House of European History museum takes a big stride into 2024 by revealing a new distinct and vibrant visual identity, which portrays the colourful multi-perspectivity of Europe's past.

Devices with HEH new visual identity

As the only museum in the world dedicated to narrating the complexity of the European continent under one roof, the museum’s new look and feel is engaging and eye-catching, contrasting, vibrant and sometimes pensive to reflect the museum’s exhibitions and content.

The team worked closely with the Concept and Design Unit of the European Parliament, market research agency, Kantar and creative agencies, Ogilvy and NewDesign (previously SuperUnion)  to explore audiences' perceptions and brand positioning, while aligning on the museum’s strategic goals, messaging for the future, mission and vision, to create this fresh new look complete with a new logo, tagline, colour palette, living timeline and typeface.

These elements come together to show our audiences that history's moments are colourful, powerful, and exist in a living timeline which can be engaged with at any point. The visual identity highlights the relevance of European history to the real-time events we experience today.

Elements of the new brand

Speaking on the rebrand, Museum Director Constanze Itzel shares: "When we first opened our doors in 2017, the aim was to create a museum that would display the multi-perspectivity of Europe's recent history. Today we want to continue on our journey with a fresh outlook and new branding – these colours remind us that history is not black and white, it is colourful and striking, it is also contrasting and complementary."

She adds "Much like the museum, this new visual identity is engaging, inclusive and interactive while also pensive and purposeful. The House which forms the basis of the branding is complex with many layers. Using this visual, Europe can be pictured as a house that is continuously being built further, jointly by all people in Europe."

"Our new branding is a reflection of who we are and a reminder to our audience how the House of European History is a place for everyone."


To communicate clearly and effectively, in a simple and concise way of who we are and what we do, the House of European History devised a short tagline - ‘’A shared past in one museum.’’

This tagline, which has been translated into all 24 official languages of the European Union, was carefully selected and tested, to ensure our audience understood what the museum is about while reminding people that as people in Europe, we do have a shared continent and a shared past with different experiences of the same events.

Living timeline

The application of our colourful living timeline aims to show history's moments, not in a cold, sterile and distant way, but as a living, breathing almost portal-like visual aid that can be engaged with at any point, by bringing the relationship between the events and players to life.

It is created by the layering of imagery from historical events and objects to remind us history is layered and complex but connects us in many different ways. Our role as a museum is to help our audience and visitors connect these wider European memories and broaden perspectives.