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Throwaway – The history of a modern crisis

Christine Dupont, Stéphanie Gonçalves & Emma Teworte | Exhibition catalogue | 256 pages
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‘’Throwaway’’ is a project that unearths the hidden history of waste in Europe while simultaneously highlighting its significance as a marker of social change. Starting with the industrial revolution, ‘’Throwaway’’ brings us on a journey through wartime scarcity, the surge in post-war consumerism, and finishes with today’s insurmountable waste crisis. It displays the profound changes in how we have dealt with rubbish in bygone years, and the way we think, or don’t think about waste. By looking at the past, it makes current criticisms and the resounding calls for change relevant and meaningful. 

The full version of the book is available for purchase from the museum shop. (English only)

How can we tell the history of waste without first understanding the situation today? How can we talk about waste without talking about the people who deal with it? How can you create an exhibition about rubbish without consulting the real experts?

The communities in charge of waste management and reduction in Brussels opened their doors to us and shared their knowledge.

ISBN 978-92-846-9638-3