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Which classroom activities for Europe Day?

By Dora Valčić

Since 2021, the House of European History learning team has had a cooperation agreement with the pedagogical team of the European School. In this context, twice a year, the learning team organizes online teacher training workshops. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Congress of Europe and help teachers prepare for this event in their schools, the theme for the workshop this spring was "Prepare your classroom activities for Europe Day", with three engaging exercises to encourage teachers and students to commemorate and learn about Europe Day.

The first and second activity focused on introducing students to the origin of the European Flag and the European Convention of Human Rights using the methodology of Visible Thinking. Teachers were asked to list three words while looking at the image of the Flag of EuropeThe chat was buzzing: “peace”, “hope”, “Europe”, “flag” and “unity” were some of the words suggested. Next, they were asked to share two sentences and one question related to the image. Once again, teachers wrote the following: “After war comes peace”, “Europe united and not divided”, “Is this a successful advocate for European peace and unity?”, “How did this have an impact on Europe?”

The learning team then shared instructions on how to do the same exercise with their students, to discover more about the European Convention of Human Rights. “How can your students become museum educators on Europe Day?”  was the main topic of the third activity. The learning team presented to the teachers the instructions for their students to create and facilitate an exhibition on the Life stories of the EU architects. With this activity, students could discover and learn more about the women and men who played key roles in the process of European Integration.

Thank you to the hosts, this was helpful with interesting content

A useful and very impressive presentation. Merci !!

A nice routine to engage students.

I'm really happy to have followed the webinar because it allows you to embark on feasible projects in primary school!

This was some of the teachers’ feedback after the online workshop. The workshop was an excellent occasion for teachers to enhance their teaching skills, test new learning material and contribute to the success of Europe Day celebrations in their schools. Teachers from the different participating European schools had the opportunity to gain new insights into teaching about the European Union and its history. Stay tuned to get notified when this material will be available, by filling in our keep in touch form!