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Through the lens of...

Through the lens of...

Several times a year, the museum organises learning events exploring the widely diverse subjects that are inextricably linked to the continent’s history. The event series is entitled “Through the Lens of…”.

A series of learning events organised by the House of European

From the outset, there is not much in common between the Christmas truce in 1914 and unnoticed objects in museums. The same, of course, can be said about the Holocaust and the borders of Europe. Yet, these four fundamentally different subjects have all contributed, in their unique way, to the shaping of Europe and its societies as we know them today. They are all pieces of the same puzzle that the House of European History will bring to its visitors in 2022.

The event calendar below provides more info on subjects in focus and dates.

The storytellers

Eyewitnesses, historians, artists and activists from different domains share their stories and points of view in the series. Together with them, participants in these events can explore and experience different topics on special days, festivals or commemorations.

This series offers a variety of learning formats such as guest talks, digital exhibitions and oral testimony recordings.

Different lenses because...

Different lenses with different focuses present different views. By fitting a variety of lenses on the camera with which the passage of time is observed, the participants can capture the colourful moments in the flux of European history with fresh perspectives and insights.

The aim is to make every participant and attendee a co-curator to enrich the museum’s narrative. Their voices are heard; their opinions respected. Most excitingly, their personal stories are woven into the narrative of the House of European History.

Taking part in the events

As part of the museum’s digital offering we are attempting to erase the boundaries between the digital and the physical. All our hybrid events can be accessed both online and onsite. No matter how one chooses to join — visiting the museum in person or connecting from the comfort of home — the museum ensures participant engagement is optimal and meaningful.

More information will be regularly shared on our social media platforms and individual programme webpages will be created closer to each event date, providing more details on subject matter and participation.