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Child with magnifying glass on book

Introducing the latest additions to the museum: “The Daily Spy'' and “Family Kiosk”

On February 24th 2024 the House of European History launched its new family offer with cupcakes and a photo-booth to capture memories of the young families who joined the event.

Created by the Learning Team, the new family offer consists of three main elements:

  • A colourful and playful “family kiosk” in the Fables Room - a first stop for information for family visits.
  • ''The Daily Spy'' — a trail created in the style of a newspaper, where young visitors will use their imagination to step into the shoes of a History Spy, find objects around the museum and follow the instructions outlined in the trail to crack the code and open a top-secret box.
  • The Discovery Spaces — dedicated areas located throughout the museum to explore by senses —touch, smell, sight and sound. Participants will investigate who took Princess Europa from her homeland, guess where spices come, enjoy an immersive video about the story of Europe and create a drawing to show what future societies could look like.

The revamped offer follows one year of work — testing, research, field visits, observation and family feedback. It has been designed to connect small and grown-up visitors closer to each other, the museum and European history.

The family offer is available seven days a week, completely free of charge, and is most suitable for children age 6-12 accompanied by their parents or guardians. 

The trails are available in English, French, Dutch and German and take approximately one hour to complete. They come in two levels of difficulty so children in the same group can play in parallel. 

Many thanks to Studio Azes for for designing the trails and Proasur for the design of the Family Kiosk. We look forward to welcoming you soon!