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Creating a multi-voiced history of waste: participation of experts in the field

And we were able to find these 52 experts because the organisations they work for, or volunteer with, agreed to open their doors to us. Our partners in this project were:


Bruxelles-Propreté is the regional agency of Brussels-Capital whose mission is to ensure that the city is healthier through its waste collection and treatment, cleaning and educational activities. The Agency has put the House of European History in contact with a number of officers responsible for door-to-door collection or cleaning and with the Research and Verbalisation service, which combats waste management offences.

Bruxelles Ville – Travaux de Voirie / Cellule Propreté Publique

The City of Brussels Public Hygiene Service is responsible for cleaning the roads, emptying public litter bins, removing illegal waste, cleaning out drains, maintaining urinals, public toilets and dog relief areas, and restoring public spaces during or after markets or other public events. The House of European History met the public cleaners who sweep and clean the streets of the City of Brussels, in their places of residence.

Les Petits Riens

Les Petits Riens has been at the forefront of the social and solidarity economy for 85 years. Its economic activity of collecting, sorting and selling second-hand goods, in addition to its positive environmental impact - gives new life to objects that might otherwise prematurely become waste! It also provides a platform for socio-professional integration for more than 500 people each year. Profits from sales in the shop help to finance social actions related to housing access, employment and daily support for the most vulnerable.

Repair Together

Repair Together was created in 2013, a few months after the opening of the very first Belgian Repair Café, in Ixelles, in 2012. Since then, the social, solidarity and environmental association has been supporting the creation of new citizen and local initiatives for greater reparability, sustainability and circularity. Repair Together helped the House of European History to meet volunteers active in various Repair Cafés in the Brussels area who, with their experience, give new life to objects that would otherwise be thrown away.

WORMS - Waste Organic Recycling & Management Solutions

The non-profit organisation WORMS promotes the recovery of organic waste in all its forms, on a human scale and in a localised manner, through their training and awareness-raising activities. WORMS asbl is an "activ'actor" of composting, by facilitating and catalysing the good practice of domestic composting in different environments (gardens, flats, parks, schools, catering etc.). The association is, among other things, mandated by Brussels Environment to supervise two networks of citizen composting in Brussels, namely the network of collective composts (200+ members in the Brussels region) and the network of Brussels Compost Guides (volunteer ambassadors who share their composting experience and with whom the House of European History has been in contact with).

Zero Waste Belgium

Zero Waste Belgium's mission is to raise awareness of waste issues and encourage zero waste and related practices. They support individuals and organisations moving towards zero waste, and report on trends from field experience, thus reinforcing the impacts of the zero waste movement on a large scale. The non-profit organisation is a member of the Zero Waste Europe network. Their permanent staff and some of their volunteers shared with the House of European History their values of citizen engagement, ecology and 'health sobriety'.