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Covid Makes History

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, UK - Lockdown Legends I


Royal Albert Memorial Museum, UK - Lockdown Legends II


Irish Linen Centre & Lisburn Museum - "Covid 19 and Me"


MAS & FelixArchive, Antwerp, Belgium – "Corona-archives"


The National Museum of Lithuania, Lithuania - “Who Will Tell the Story of COVID-19 in the Museum in the Distant Future?”


Museum Foundation for Post and Telecommunications, Berlin, Germany - "Covid Communications"


Liechtenstein National Museum, Liechtenstein - "Covid-19 daily life"


Historic England, UK - #PicturingLockdown


Musée de la Vie wallonne, Belgium - "Illustrating the Health Crisis"


Hungarian Open Air Museum, Hungary - "Virtual Mask Exhibition"


Museo Nacional de Antropología, Spain - "Covid Projects"


The National Museum of Finland, Finland - "Photo Collection"


Monoghan County Museum, Republic of Ireland - “Recording Our Experience”


Museum of Ethnography, Hungary - “Quarantine Objects”


The National Museum of Denmark, Denmark - "Digital Artefacts on Covid-19"


Vesthimmerlands Museum, Denmark - “Covid Snapshot”


La Fonderie, Belgium - “The intimate confinement”


National Museum of Contemporary Art, Romania - “UNARTE Quarantine Artistic Laboratory”