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Throwaway closing event

Throwaway closing event with Live magazine

To say goodbye in style to the temporary exhibition “Throwaway – The history of a modern crisis”, the House of European History has invited Live Magazine to take over the museum!
13 January 2024, 18.30-20.30 (CET)

Three stories related to waste will be presented in the galleries. Get ready for an immersive experience – in words, sounds, images – where two photographers and a visual artist will tell intimate and relatable stories that have impacted their lives.

The group Les Garçons will be the comperes for the evening, accompanying visitors with music on their journey through the exhibition.

The narrators:

Barbara Iweins is a photographer. Her territory is the intimate. She photographed anonymous people getting out of bed, interfered in the lives of strangers and ended up turning the lens on her Brussels interior. This latest project, Katalog, which occupied her for five years, was exhibited at the most prestigious European festivals (from the Rencontres d’Arles to the Biennale de Vevey). Therefore, it is serious (she hates the spirit of seriousness).

Come listen to her story entitled: “My not-frugal life”

Jessica Hilltout is a photographer. One morning in Brussels, she took the wheel, heading towards Ulan Bator (Mongolia) and back home via Cape Town (South Africa). It is just 80,000 km. Later, she continued on her route – East Africa, West Africa and Madagascar – and added 14 borders and 20,000 km to her counter. The New York Times and National Geographic have published her work under the titles Grassroots Soccer and Soccer Joy. Moreover, she ended up understanding what she was looking for: The beauty of imperfect things. There is even a word for it in Japanese: Wabi-Sabi.

Come listen to her story entitled: “Three billion players”

Adrianna Wallis is a visual artist. She likes inaudible voices and forgotten things. Recent works include an installation based on objects described as “rare and beautiful” on eBay and a near-complete collection of monogrammed linen sheets arranged alphabetically (missing U's, W's and X, by the way...). Everything started well, for her, at Sup de Co Grenoble. Then, a little before celebrating her 30th birthday, she enrolled at the Fine Arts in Barcelona. Her exhibition Ordinary Letters enchanted the National Archives in Paris for an entire winter.

Come listen to her story entitled: “Ordinary Letters”

Three one-hour tours will be offered, starting at 18:00 - 19:00 (in French) - 20:00 (in English).

Places are limited and online registration is required. Register here, until December 20 inclusive.

During this evening of Saturday January 13, there are no guided tours of the temporary exhibition foreseen.  If you would like to visit the whole Throwaway exhibition, it is open to the public every day until Sunday January 14 inclusive.

Event organised in the framework of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union.